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Elzentlaan 50, Eindhoven, The Netherlands +31 040 2156156

Parktheater Eindhoven
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Net(Anders)Werken @ Parktheater
Welcome at co working location Net(Anders)Werken @Parktheater, where theatre and ‘the new way of working’ is been brought together. Every workday Parktheater offers you free workspaces and paid meetingspaces in a theatrical environment where you can work and meet people. It’s a cultural and creative hotspot for freelancers, theatre makers, organizations and actually everyone who likes to work outside of their own office sometimes to meet and co create with others.

Parktheater offers you:
• Easily accessible and different kind of workspaces in our theatre
• Representative environment to work and to receive clients
• Free use of WiFi and coffee/tea/water
• Sufficient amount of sockets
• Free workshops


Address information

Elzentlaan 50
The Netherlands

Phone: +31 040 2156156

Parktheater Eindhoven N.V.

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Open for meetingspaces
* There may be options on the days that we are closed for meetingspaces. Feel free to contact us.
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