Connecting and empowering you to excel

How it works
32,832 reviews give us an average 9.1

Connecting and empowering you to excel

Find relevant people, events and locations served to you by our serendipity machine

How it works
32,832 reviews give us an average 9.1

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The S2M network has a culture of openness, collaboration & shared knowledge. We offer real-time, location-specific network software that accelerates connections and serendipity on your location.

Make your space more relevant & join the powerful S2m network.

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What is Seats2meet?

Become the best version of yourself

At S2M we believe in people. We believe that connecting them makes them stronger. That is why everything we do at S2M is aimed at connecting and empowering you to excel, both as an individual and as a professional. To become a the best version of yourself. For yourself, of course!

Get matched, dynamically and relevantly

We facilitate physical locations and virtual environments where you get dynamically matched to relevant people, events and content that can all add value to you and your business. In The Netherlands you can also book meeting spaces.

Grow stronger, stay relevant

By getting introduced to the right people with the S2M software, sharing knowledge and educating ourselves on the S2M platform, we grow stronger, together. That’s how we stay relevant in this rapidly changing world.

An abundance of knowledge is available for you

Sharing knowledge is cool! You will have unexpected relevant encounters. People you do not know, but whom are relevant to you and your future. You will find support from peers. Below you can find all the available knowledge that can help you arrange your workspace.

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Each location is unique, our concept remains the same